"Kids Only" Park is a fan made Urban Legend.


Parks... they are one of the most relaxing, fun things outside. They are really good for beautiful days by walking, relaxing on a bench with your husband or wife, and where kids can play at the playground. There are parks that have playgrounds where kids can play in and adults can watch or even play with them. But what if there's a park owned by a secret person that only allows kids to play in the park without any adult supervision....


In 2004 in Virginia, there was a park called " Youth's Playground" where it has a big playground with seesaws, swings, slides, and more and twice a day, an ice cream man coming by, but however, the sign says " Kid's only, adults are not allowed". Many parents are suspicious on why the park doesn't allow adults. There have been rumors spreading around about kidnappings of children and other bad things in that park. However, no child has entered it due to parents being concerned and worried about what might happen to their kids. 1 week later, police told parents to try to let their kids play in the park and they will have secret monitors on their backpacks and must be placed on the ground or bench sideways and the camera facing towards the park. 6 kids entered the park. The kids seem to be alright, until two men arrived. An ice cream seller and another man. The Ice cream seller sold kids ice cream for free while the man said " Enjoying those ice cream cones? Because I got another special treat just for you, just come and follow me" The kids then followed the man, but only to be stopped by the police and angry parents. The man was caught and recently found out that the man's name is " Kal Ensten",a 44 year old man known for pedophilia. He secretly made this park to get his hands on the children without being caught by parents or any security. The seller was his friend who helped him out. They both got arrested and was sent to jail for 20 years. No child was harmed or taken.... the parents are happy... but still paranoid about what happens inside parks..... for kids to play....


Whenever or not there are actual parks for kids to play in without adult supervision or not, this urban legend can give you an eerie and disturbed feeling about parks only for kids, not adults.

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