Blood Shedder is a fan made character.


Blood Shedder is Ripper's main rival. He has the same skills as him and are apparently equally matched. He was a top ranked red cloth assassin and was signed by his king to kill all the people, including the blue cloths. When he was young, he had a wonderful life with his parents. However, he was taken away by Red cloths and was taken to the King and decided to raise and hire him as a top ranked assassin. After years of training, he has the ability of assassinating people. One day, he fought against Ripper, both were severely injured, but both had recovered. Now, Blood Shedder continues training for the battle ahead.


He appears to be wearing a red cloth and a skull mask similar to Ripper's. He also has retractable laser blades.


His abilities as the same as Rippers.


He appears to have an evil personality as he's assigned by the king to take over the city where Ripper lives and defeat the blue cloths


He is Ripper's biggest enemy.

He was raised by the king to forget about the incident about him being taken away from his parents.

Blood Shedder is his nickname, his real name is currently unknown.

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