Click Baits is the fifth episode of Originator Rants.


Hello folks, this is Originator and welcome back to Originator rants! And today, I will be ranting on click baits, yes folks click baits! Now for those of you who don't know what a click bait is, a click bait is commonly when when a user puts up a very interesting and attracting thumbnail or title, only to find out it's either not in here or is something completely different and not that interesting. Now the reason why it's bad is because we got Youtubers who just put up a thumbnail or a title that I really like to see, only to find out that it's false, just to get some views. It's not funny or creating, it makes you foolish and makes me want to not subscribe or unsubscribe your channel. And you fought that Sub for Sub is bad, well this is just AS bad! So guys, please tell us the truth about your video and not put up some flashy thumbnail just to get views okay? But anyways, Originator out!

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