Colored TV Screens is a fan made Urban Legend.

What is it about?

It's starts in 2011 on March 5th, many people have been reporting broadcast interruptions, that are replaced with colored screens like Yellow, Red,Blue and more. Sometimes, it would either make beeping noises when changing colors or would have static noises. The color changes every 10 seconds and the screens would then turn on normal programming for an hour. Nobody is know for sure what happened, many believed that someone hacked into the broadcasting station and made this. The strangest part that it's been said that it doesn't affect everyone's TV's. Some people got nothing, others got the colored screen. Many believed that it only affected people using Dish or Direct TV. So is there a hidden message? Well from what has been heard, people say that this has a strange meaning behind this like a secret broadcasting organization or somebody is watching them. Others believe that it's a test by the government. Or it's been said that it was all not true and somebody made it up. The colored screens gives a pretty tone, but what it does makes it have a creepy feeling. Once the weird broadcasting is done, it never came again, but people can still go on Youtube To see the event. Many believed that the Colored TV Screens were removed after the broadcasting, or the hackers were caught and the whole thing was deleted. Nobody knows about the strange event, but we will still continue to find out.


This event could probably be based on certain broadcasting network interruptions.

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