I'm considering having a review of all users, wherein the community will decide whether or not to remove or promote certain users.

This is to determine whether the community wants this. Do not submit votes. If everyone is OK with this the review will commence March 1st and will last a week. This may not seem needed, but it's a good way to manage staff without individual requests. This is inspired by ESB's administration reviews.

Presented below is a table I will use to record votes:


User Current Rank Promotion Rank Support Oppose
Originator156 (WC620) Administrator Bureaucrat 0 0
SpongeBot678 (WC388) Administrator Bureaucrat 0 0
TheCreepyPastaLover (WC164) Administrator Bureaucrat 0 0
RadioGuy42 (WC324) Administrator Bureaucrat 0 0



User Keep Keep as Admin or Mod Remove all rights
Weebster (WC237) 0 0 0
TheJasbre202 (WC58) 0 0 0
Catscratch1 (WC9) 0 0 0


User Keep Keep as Mod Remove all rights
Originator156 (WC620) 0 0 0
SpongeBot678 (WC388) 0 0 0
TheCreepyPastaLover (WC164) 0 0 0
RadioGuy42 (WC324) 0 0 0

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