Dead Relatives in Pictures is an Urban Legend.

What it's about

It's about how family members take photos of each other, not knowing that around that time, they are actually dead. There have been rumors spreading out about times where people take pictures of their dead relatives and hang them on the wall as portraits.


In Miami, Florida in 1993, a couple of a male 32 year old and a female 31 year old with their 7 year old son and 12 year old daughter were taking pictures with their 52 year old grandfather and 53 year old grandmother. They gone to take the picture of the whole family by a friend.

After the picture, they have seen everyone smile except for the grandfather who looked like he was sleeping. 2 minutes later, they hung the picture up on the wall. The next day, the daughter gets out of bed to wake her grandfather up, but he didn't move and was still on the couch. She then yelled at her parents to come here.

The whole family got woken and sees the grandfather. It was later confirmed that he was actually dead. The police and ambulance arrives and the police investigates on what happened.

The father said that they were taking a family picture and that the grandfather was sleeping during that time. The officer then believes that he was dead during the picture and that the family had taken pictures of their dead grandfather.


So is it true that there are incidents where people take pictures of their dead relatives or is it all just a hoax?

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