Drake is one of the members of the Sunatrons.


He appears to be a 16 year old white boy. He would wear a red hoodie and blue jeans. He has two mode, one which is his normal which has his brown eyes, his other which is his demon mode which gives him red, demonic eyes and sharp teeth.


At a young age, Drake was like a angel, he was a very kind boy. However at age 11, he was possessed by some demonic spirit at night at 9:00 PM. His parents come in, hear him scream. They take him to the doctors to see what's wrong and it turns out that there was no disease. After that, they go come home. Drake started to feel less like himself. He was acting like a devil.

He ends up misbehaving and gets punished for it. He was taken to a consular to see why he's acting this way. At age 15 at High school, he was bullied by several kids, which made him very angry as he goes to his demon mode, he breathed fire down one of the kids throats and he started gasping for air. The other kids screamed as they saw the incident. He then started running away, never returning to his family.

He was depressed until he saw Carlos walking around. He talked to him asking why he was wearing a blindfold, he then ended up telling him secretly that he's part of a league called the Sunatrons. He then told him that he wants to come, Carlos said "only super natural people like him", he then ended turning to his demon mode, but has not attacked him. Carlos then asked him why he has red eyes and sharp teeth. He then claimed that he was possessed by a demonic spirit and somehow he was able to control it. He then ended up getting invited to the Sunatrons and they became friends.


Despite being possessed by a demonic spirit, he was able to control it and is considered a good guy.

Drake might see his parents again.

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