E-Begging is the fourth episode of Originator Rants.


Hello folks this is Originator and welcome back to Originator Rants, and today I will be discussing about E-begging. Now before we get to the rant, let me talk about something.

Now we all want money right? We get money from jobs, however, some people can't afford a job or barely has any money, so the last resort is to ask people for money. Usually they ask for money to get a house, food,clothes, all that stuff you need to survive. And I will give you my money to save your life and give you a better life.

Now for e-begging, people do this for wants, not needs, wants. They ask people for money for things like a video gaming console, a new computer, a phone, etc. If someone does this, i'l gonna say "no, screw off. You don't need to beg us for cash just to get a new laptop okay?" And the people who usually do this are Youtubers with alot of subscribers.

Yes folks, Youtubers and streamers that are a big hit do these kinds of things, and that causes loss of subscribers and respect. We sub you just so you ask us for money for a PS4 pro? Guess what buddy, GET A JOB BECAUSE WE AIN'T GIVING YOU A SINGLE PENNY FOR A CONSOLE!!!

But anyways folks, that's my rant for today. And remember, it's okay to ask for money, but as long as you have a VERY good reason like food and clothes and not some bullcrap like a camera or something. And don't be lying just to get that money either, because that's scamming and it'll be a rant in another day.

Welp that's it folks, I hope you all enjoyed my rant and don't forget to comment and make a request on what I should rant on next, so have a nice day!

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