Fear is one of the members of the Sunatrons.


He appears to be a shadowy figure with red eyes and a red mouth with black, sharp teeth. He can also shift shape into other forms.


Fear used to be a normal human being named "Vinnie Carsol". When he was 5, he used to fear everything. But at 16 on April Fools day, he got scared so much that he couldn't take it anymore and goes to the graveyard to take his own life, but however, a shadowy creature comes out of the ground and absorbs Vinnie, turning him into the creature known as "Fear". Now, everyone and everything fears him. The next year, he sees the same people who did an April Fools Joke on him and decided to use their own fears to scare them, and he succeeded. A few years later, he tried to take over the world with his fear, but the Sunatrons try to stop him and he was defeated. He then later apologizes and they forgive him. He now uses fear for good and is a member of the Sunatrons.


Most of the time, he's pretty evil and would use other people's fears to scare them. However, the sunatrons shows him good things, and he now starts to act nicer and give people their liking's instead of fear.


He is one of the Sunatron Members who's a shadowy figure.

Despite his appearance and personality, he is still considered a hero and is nice at times.

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