Headless People is a fan made Urban Legend.

What is it about?

It's about how people are seen walking around without a head. Normally people without heads would be dead, but to some people, it's not always a case.


In 1991, a family in a park were enjoying themselves, the 2 kids were playing while the couple were relaxing on the bench. Until 10 minutes later, their 7 year old son starts crying to them, telling them that he has seen a man without a head, the whole park then looked at him and sees him walking around headless. The people don't know why he's walking around headless, they thought it was a prank, but they thought wrong. There has been numerous reports of people being seen headless. Many people speculate that their spirits brought them to life because they can easily go into their decapitated heads.

Another theory is that some people are born without a head, but it's impossible as scientist tested one of the headless people and asked them about if they are born without a head, despite being headless, they can still speak. The headless person said " No, I was like this, always like this" Many people think that they are from another universe where people can walk around headless.

So far, the mystery is still unsolved and the case is currently unknown.


True or not, this urban legend really sends chills down your spine and makes you wonder if there are actually people walking around without a head.

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