How Impure Are You is the third episode of Treasure Island Adventures.


PN Minnie ask Impure Mouse about how impure she is. Will she get the answer?


(It first starts with PN Minnie sitting in Character Prep 1, and sees Impure Mouse and MickMick together. She then gets up and walks to them)

PN Minnie: Hello Impure Mouse and MickMick.

Impure Mouse: Hello PN Minnie.

MickMick: Greetings PN Minnie, how are you today?

PN Minnie: Good. But anyways, can I ask you two a question?

MickMick: Uh... sure what is it?

PN Minnie: How Impure is Impure Mouse?

Impure Mouse: Well... i'm pretty impure like you. I mean we are the same toon, but you're Photo Negative. But at least you're a nice PN toon unlike Mickey.

PN Minnie: Yeah and also, are you two actually dating?

MickMick: Well we're not actually dating, but we have alot in common.

Impure Mouse: Yeah, we might have a good chance of dating.

PN Minnie: You're lucky Impure, you got a Mouse who's kind to you unlike PN Mickey.

MickMick: Yeah, he can be a real jerk at times, but i'm pretty sure he will show you his feelings.

PN Mickey: * Wakes up* HEY! Who are you calling a jerk?

MickMick: You.

PN Mickey: Well I think you need to can it Mick! And also, I do not love PN Minnie, I would rather date someone who is actually pretty.

Disembodied: Like your face?

PN Mickey: * Picks up Disembodied and throws him out* And stay out!

Impure Mouse: I swear PN Mickey, you're a very, very shallow toon.

MickMick: She's right, you just can't appreciate who loves you, unless they are beautiful.

PN Minnie: I understand... * Walks away sad*

Impure Mouse: Minnie wait! * Growls and hits PN Mickey in the head with a crowbar* You made her upset!

PN Mickey: Ow! I don't care if I did! She's ugly, i'm handsome! And handsome toons like me deserves beautiful toons!

Impure Mouse: Let's get outta here...

MickMick: Yeah.... we shall...

(They both leave)

PN Mickey: * Sighs then goes back to sleep*


This reveals PN Mickey's feelings about PN Minnie.

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