Hello, everyone. If you have a limited edition soda can, and you would like to keep it for collection, in perfect condition, here is a trick for you.

First, take the can, and move the tab of it to the side.

Use a tack, and put a tiny hole on the top of the can. Be careful, though. When you move the tab back where it was, you might not be able to cover the hole. You might want to do some careful outlining first.

Keep the tack in, and shake the can. Then let her blow.

After the soda stops coming out, get a cup, and fill it with hot water.

Insert the can into the cup, top first, and you should see the rest of the soda come out. Remember to be patient on this.

If the last bits won't come out, don't worry. It will soon evaporate.

After it's all out, move the tab back to where it was, AND WOW! LOOK AT THAT! :D You have an unopened soda can, with all the drink out, with no holes visible on the bottom.

Hope this helps you. :)

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