Issac Marrow is a fan made character in BioShocked and BioShock.


He appears to be a 25 year old man with black hair and has white skin. He wears blue jeans and blue shoes. He wears a blue shirt.


Issac is a pretty friendly guy, but at times, he can be solid against his enemies.


In Rapture, Issac was trapped in it, he then decided to live here, but he was always in sticky situations with Splicers. He uses Plasmids, Tonics, and weapons to fight his way through. He would always survive. However one day, he was surrounded by an army of Splicers. He tried to fight his way through, but failed and ended up getting severely injured. He then crawled his way to the EYE teleporter and touched it, which sent him to the real world. He was later found by Vulkin and he aided him with a first aid kit. The two then became best friends and they set off on an adventure and try to find the way back to Rapture.


He and Vulkin both used the EYE teleporter to escape their own tragedies.

He still has some EYE hypno and ADAM, despite not being in Rapture.

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