• [Phillydan25 writes a message on Rick Sanhez's wall on the FlandreAndTakane333 Wiki]
  • Phillydan25: Aw shit it's tyce
  • Rick Sanhez: Would you please stop harrasing me jfc
  • Phillydan25: What do you mean? I would never do such a thing
  • Rick Sanhez: You've constantly acted like an asshole to me, spammed my skype with "YOU DOUCHE" and "YOU WHORE" after i blocked you on NRW, and you constantly PM me on ESB with "aw shit it's tyce." besides that, you refer to me as tyce, a username i haven't used in months and have made very clear i dislike being called that.
  • Phillydan25: It's just a prank bro

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