Luan Loud is a character from The Loud House and is frequently used by TCPL and is given the title "Romantic Children" by him

Usage by TCPL

Luan Loud is potrayed as a character in another dimension outside of TLH canon dimension. In one of TCPL's story, TEH AMUUUUUUUUZEEEEEEEENG STOREEEEEEEEEEH, she plays the role of the motivation of the cereal box's murder. The cereal box was Luan's friend and tries to prevent her and SpongeBuck from marrying eachother.

In the ESB game, NES, Luan is potrayed to have a relationship with SpongeBuck SquarePants. In an attempt to unite them, they were trapped in a bunker and ended making out passionatly with eachother and fucking eachother. They ended up having a child called SpongeChris. Since the rules of ESB are weird, Chase McFly and TCPL didn't get a warning.