Written & Directed by: TheJasbre202

Animation Director:

Supervising Director:

Supervising Producer:

Executive Producer: TheJasbre202


[pans to Tawmee's house]

Tawmee: But mmaaawwwwwmmmm, I need cheese!

Chad: Just because it's france doesn't mean u need cheese and wine!

Tawmee: But maaawwwwwwmmmm

Chad: No means no, now go to your room, I have a date

Tawmee: Are you guys gonna break the bed again, last night I heard alot of banging and groaning

Chad: We're gonna fix it tonight Tawmee

Tawmee: okay

[3 days later]

[Chad walks into the scene crying]

Tawmee: What happened mum?

Chad: Me boyfriend left me for some gurl named Berries!

Tawmee: Why?

Chad: Because her name is sweeter than my name!

Tawmee: That all?

Chad: Don't push it.

Tawmee: What would you do now

Chad: One thing, I need to kill Berries!

Tawmee: Yay go mum!

[Chad runs out the door]

[cuts to Berries' house]

Berries: Oh JarJar, I love you so

JarJar: I'm one with you, no?

Berries: Yes

[Chad breaks through the wall]


Berries: (shreak) who are you man?


[Chad kills Berries brutaly]

Chad: (panting) So, wanna go out?

JarJar: What the f--

[Episode Ends]