Mr. Bear's Cellar is the second episode of The Mr. Bear Show.


Mr.Bear shows the kids his cellar. Is it going to be a good or bad experience?


(It first starts with Mr. Bear walking on stage as the audience cheers)

Mr. Bear: Hello kids and welcome to the Mr. Bear Show! Where we have lots of fun and go on exciting adventures! And today, we will be going to my cellar, which is a very wonderful place to go to! I have 6 kids here who would like to go to my cellar. Are you ready kids?

Kids: Yes Mr. Bear!

Mr. Bear: Well then let's go!

(Mr. Bear and the kids then go down to his cellar)

Mr. Bear: Welp here it is, my cellar!

Sarah: Uh.... Mr. Bear? Are these pins and knives?

Mr. Bear: Indeed Sarah, they are used for fun. I got a great game to play in the cellar, it's called " Pin the kid" Can I get one kid?

Timmy: I will! * raises hand*

Mr. Bear: Wonderful Timmy! Let me just * grabs a rope and ties him up* Okay kids, you have to pin the kid as much as you can! Whoever pins him the most, wins!

Other kids: Okay!

( All the other kids then grab pins and starts pinning Timmy while he's screaming in pain, he then later dies)

Mr. Bear: Okay kids, that's enough! And the winner is.... Ethan!

Ethan:Yay! But wait... is Timmy dead?

Mr. Bear: No, he's just sleeping that's all! Next is " Fire pirates" Where two people, one each holding a fire stick have to attack one another, whoever defeats his or her opponent, wins! Who wants to go?

Ethan: I will!

Kyra: Me!

Mr. Bear: Great Kyra and Ethan!

Sarah: But... we shouldn't play with fire, we could hurt ourselves.

Mr. Bear: Oh that's nonsense! I will make sure that nobody actually gets burned! But anyways, let's begin!

(The two then face each other, and they both end up burning each other with the sticks)

Mr.Bear: And it's a tie! * He then puts out the flames*

Sarah: Uh.... maybe I should go now.

Russel: Yeah... and I think you're a murderer!

Shawn: Yeah I mean this cellar is too dangerous!

Mr.Bear: Wait you three! I got one more game... it's called " hide and cell" I will be the seeker and whoever is the one that's found, I got something for you and whoever is the last, get's to escape my cellar! Anyways go!

( The kids then think of a plan to escape)

Russel: * whispers* Okay so while Mr.Bear is covering his eyes, we run for it!

Shawn: Yeah good idea!

Sarah: I think we should hide first!

Shawn:Okay fine....

( The kids then hide as Mr. Bear shouts "READY OR NOT HERE I COME!!!")

Mr.Bear: * Sees Shawn in the trashcan* Found you! * Pulls him out*

Shawn: Aw man!

Mr.Bear: * Sees Russel just standing there* An I found you! Which means Sarah is the winner! Congrats, you get to escape my cellar!

Sarah: * Runs out crying for her parents*

Mr.Bear: And as for you two, close your eyes and I will give you something special!

Shawn: * is scared* O-okay * closes eyes*

Russel: Alright... * closes eyes*

Mr.Bear: 1.... 2.... * He then chops up Russel and Shawn with an axe and looks at the cameras" See kids? This is why you never go to a stranger's cellar, I showed you that going to places like this would end up getting you killed. So anyways, that's our show for today, I will see you all next time on The Mr. Bear show!


This is another episode based on the Creepypasta 1999.