Mr. Rooster Plays with Scissors is the third episode of The Mr. Bear Show.


Mr. Bear invites his best friend, Mr. Rooster over to come play with scissors with him and the kids. Will it turn out fun or really bad?


( It starts with Mr.Bear coming on stage waving hi to the audience)

Mr. Bear: Hello kids, welcome to the Mr. Bear Show! And today we will be playing with scissors again, but this time, we will invite my best friend, Mr. Rooster over so he can play scissors with me and the kids. Are you ready kids?

Kids: Yes Mr. Bear!

Mr. Bear: Alright then! Give it up to Mr. Rooster!

( Mr. Rooster then comes on stage with a box of scissors)

Mr. Rooster: Thank you, thank you, you guys are such good audience. Hello Mr. Bear my good old friend.

Mr. Bear: Hello Mr. Rooster, would you like to play with scissors with us?

Mr. Rooster: Yes, I got the scissors right here in this box. So everybody take them out, one at a time.

( The kids then takes a box of scissors out)

Mr. Rooster: And now * takes one out* Begin!

( The kids then run around with scissors, snipping)

Mr. Rooster: * Looks at a kid named " Vinnie" Hey Vinnie come here!

Vinnie: * Goes over to Mr. Rooster* Yes Mr. Rooster?

Mr. Rooster: Do you want to know the most fun way of playing with scissors?

Vinnie: Oh boy do I!

Mr. Rooster: Alright then let me show you * Stabs Vinnie in the eye with the scissors as he screams in pain* That's how!

Vinnie: MY EYE!!!!!!!

Mr. Rooster: And now.... * Stabs him in the head as he dies* funnest thing ever.

Mr. Bear: Kids Mr. Rooster is right! This is a more fun way of playing with scissors so do a scissors fight everybody!

( The kids then start stabbing each other with the scissors)

Mr. Bear: I'm in! * He then jumps in and stabs 2 kids with the scissors* Oooooo a double! Alright kids that's enough. Did ya'll have fun with Mr. Rooster?

Randall: That's not fun... that's killing! What are you two? Murders?

Mr Bear: Of course not Randall, this is just our way of playing with scissors, everybody knows that! It's how we have fun.

Randall: I... I think I need to go home.

Mr. Rooster: I'll take you home, come with me. * Grabs his hand and then walks him offstage, he then takes off his suit head, revealing himself to be Max Valine* Now look you little turd, we are payed to kill, I swear, that is what my job is for little snot nosed kids like you, and that job is this * he then strangles Randall to death as he then later dies* Good! * puts back on head and walks back on stage* Alright Mr. Bear, I have taken Randall home.

Mr. Bear: That's wonderful! Anyways kids, that's our show for today, we will see you all next time on the Mr. Bear Show!


This reveals a bit of why the characters murder the kids.

Mr.Rooster reveals himself to be Max Valine.