Nick is one of the members of the Sunatrons.


He appears to be a 28 year old man. He has brown hair and blue eyes. He usually wears blue jeans and a black shirt. He is also covered in bloodstains from killing all the zombies.


Nick was born in 1987 in North Dakota. He then later have a little sister, Lilly who's 7 years old. When he was 21, a hoard of zombies came and invaded Nick's house. He tries to escape along with Lilly, but he did and his parents ended up getting killed by the zombies. He and his little sister then ran away. With no where else to go, he tries to look for a place to go. He then discovers a Sunatron teleporting device in the trash can, Picks it up and then teleports him and Lilly to the Sunatron base. He then saw the other members there and he introduced himself to them. They then welcomed him.


Unlike most Sunatrons, Nick doesn't have much of a special power. However, he appears to have some good strength and courage. He was given the strength to be really strong and have good sense. He has the ability to take out a hoard of zombies. He also has alot of weapons including some special looking ones in the armory.


He was given a Nickname which was " Zombslayer".

He promises to take care of Lilly for the rest of his life.

He is one of the few members that are more normal than the rest of the members.