Staff refers to users of No Rules Wiki who are able to perform actions that the typical user cannot.

User Rights

Excerpt of Help:User Rights:
A user right is a special type of permissions a user has to make some change or perform some task for a community. A "user rights group" is a set of permissions or abilities. The most commonly recognized user rights group is an "admin", also known as a sysop user rights group.

List of Staff


Avatar User Term Activity Status
150#.png Arch Wizard Megumin (WC62) February 4 - February 7, 2017 (Demoted)
March 10, 2016 - present
150#.png Originator156 (WC737) February 9, 2017 - March 10, 2017 (As regular admin)
March 10, 2017 - present
150#.png SpongeBot678 (WC416) February 9, 2017 - March 30, 2017 (As regular admin)
March 30, 2017 - present


Avatar User Term Activity Status
150#.png RadioGuy42 (WC347) February 9, 2017 - present Active
150#.png DanzxvFan8275 (WC283) March 11, 2017 - March 18, 2017 (As rollbacker)
March 18, 2017 - present
150#.png JackHackers (WC332) April 22, 2017 - present Active

Former Staff



Discussions Moderators

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