PN Mickey's Nap is the first episode of Treasure Island Adventures.


PN Mickey tries to sleep, but everybody keeps waking him up, will he sleep in peace?


(It first starts with PN Mickey sleeping in Character Prep 1, until he is awaken by Suicide Mouse's music)

PN Mickey: * Shouts* Hey Suicide! Turn the music off now! I'm trying to sleep!

Suicide Mouse: Sorry! * Turns it off*

PN Mickey: Thank you! * Goes back to sleep*

( PN Mickey goes back to sleep, but is awaken by Pluto's barks)

PN Mickey: Pluto! Stop barking right now! Can't you see i'm trying to take a nap!

Pluto: * Stops barking*

PN Mickey: Thank you! * Goes back to sleep*

Disembodied: * Starts quacking*

PN Mickey: * wakes up and growls* DISEMBODIED!!!!!

Disembodied: * Starts laughing* I totally got you up didn't you?

PN Mickey: * Kicks Disembodied out and then goes back to sleep*

Oswald: * Goes to Character Prep 1, while shouting " God?"

PN Mickey: * Growls* Oswald! Will you shut up already?

Oswald: * Looks down* Sorry PN Mickey, i'm just trying to look for God.

PN Mickey: I don't care! I am trying to sleep, but all you toons do is make noises! So can you and everybody else please just shut up for a day? Because it's hard to sleep without hearing all the annoying noises that you guys make! And the next guy who makes a noise, they will not like what I'm gonna do to them!

Oswald: Okay PN Mickey, me and everybody else promise not to make anymore noises.

PN Mickey: Good.... now get back to your place!

Oswald: Okay * Walks back to Storage Room*

PN Mickey: * Sighs and goes back to sleep*

( 1 hour later, Hourglass steps in and makes alot of noises)

Hourglass: Awwwwww yeah baby! I am the man of this place! I am so MLG! * BLows MLG horn*

PN Mickey: * Wakes up screaming * GAH!!!!!!!!! THAT'S IT!! * He then grabs the horn and shoves it down Hourglasses throat, he then later takes his head off and throws it onto the office desk* Take it! Take it and put it in a quiet place please! * Walks out headless*

Jake Smith: Uh...... okay? * Places head under desk*


This reveals some of the character's personalities.

It features some MLG elements.

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