PSAAT is a fan made paranormal activity organization.

What does it stand for?

PSAAT starts for " Paranormal School Activity Administration Team"


The Organization first started in 1998 when there was a report of a School girl in fifth grade at Camelot elementary school in Florida who is said to be haunted/ possessed by a ghost, one of the members investigate and called the exorcist. The exorcist then arrives to the scene and released the spirit from the girl, the spirit was then later released and vanished, the member then later became a hero and now the owner of his own organization " PSAAT".

What does the organization do?

They go into either abandoned schools or currently standing schools to check for ghost and other creatures such as possessed kids and teachers and other monsters. They first go into these schools, use a special kind of radar to check them out, if they spot on, they will try to capture or make the creature go away.


The organization could be based on actual paranormal activity hunters.

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