Photo Negative Love is the fourth episode of Treasure Island Adventures.


PN Minnie wants to be with PN Mickey, but can't because he doesn't love her. So she found a toon called " Love Bunny" And she helped her get the love of her life. Will it turn out great?


( It first starts with God and Walt Disney talking)

God: So, what should we do with the sacred journal? I mean it's still buried, but what if somebody finds it?

Walt Disney: Well I don't exactly know, maybe we should still keep it buried now until we find a perfect place to make so that nobody will awaken Disney X.

God: Good idea Walt.

( PN Minnie then comes in crying as the two of them look at her)

God: Awwww.... what's wrong PN Minnie?

PN Minnie: PN Mickey won't love me....

Walt Disney: That's a shame.... because I have made Mickey and Minnie as... well a really good couple. And I thought that the same would happen to you and him because you're both Photo Negative. Why is that?

God: I don't know, I guess I didn't really think this through... but maybe I can have a talk with him.

PN Minnie: Really?

Walt Disney: Actually... brute force does not solve anything.

God: Oh... well what's your plan?

Walt Disney: I know a special toon created by someone... she's called " Love Bunny" basically, Fanny Cottontail as cupid or a female Oswald as cupid. She uses her magic wand to make anyone fall in love with that person.

God: Sounds like a good idea.

PN Minnie: Where she at?

Walt Disney: With Daisy

PN Minnie: Oh okay, I will come to Character prep 2 and find her.

God: Good my child, now go and use Love Bunny to make that Photo Negative mouse love you!

(PN Minnie then walks to Character Prep 2)

Daisy: Do you think Disembodied loves me?

Love Bunny: Of course he does! With my wand, I can make anybody fall in love!

Daisy: Well I think he does, it's that he didn't want to because Photo Negative Jerky would laugh at him.

PN Minnie: Hi girls.

Daisy: Oh hey PN Minnie! So, did you get Photo Negative Mickey to fall in love with you.

PN Minnie: No... he still hates me...

Love Bunny: Well, I can fix that with my magic wand!

PN Minnie: * Hugs Love Bunny tight* Oh thank you, thank you, thank you.

Love Bunny: GAH!!! A bit too tight... but you're welcome....

PN Minnie: Oh.. sorry * Let's go*

( The two then walked on over to Character Prep 1)

PN Mickey: For the last time Disembodied! I am NOT and repeat, NOT and never will date that ugly mouse!

Disembodied: What? I think you both make a really cute couple!

PN Mickey: Shush it or I will throw you out again!

Love Bunny: Hello boys!

PN Mickey: Oh... wha * Looks at Love Bunny and falls in love* Well hello there beautiful!

PN Minnie: * Facepalms*

PN Mickey: * Looks at PN Minnie* And hello there ugly!

Love Bunny: Mickey, I want to give you a surprise.

PN Mickey: Oh.... boy! Let's see it!

( Love then uses her magic wand and makes PN Mickey fall in love with PN Minnie)

Love Bunny: There all done!

Disembodied: What did you do to him?

Love Bunny: A little something nice.

PN Mickey: Woah... what is this? * Looks at PN Minnie and falls in love* Oh boy... so beautiful...

PN Minnie: Oh my gosh, it worked! Thank you Love Bunny!

Love Bunny: Anything for a friend!

Disembodied: Hey! You put a love spell on PN Mickey! Awesome idea!

Love Bunny: Thank you!

PN Mickey: * Kisses PN Minnie's cheek* Let's go somewhere nice....

PN Minnie: * Giggles* Oh Mickey.. * Holds his hand*

PN Mickey: Oh baby.... * He and Minnie then go somewhere else*

( Ace, Face, Suicide, Willy, Oswald, and Ortensia then stared at the scene with their jaws dropped)

Oswald: Oh my... PN Mickey is actually in love with PN Minnie.

Ace: Such a good and cute couple

Willy: My heart has been first taken, but brought back by this!

Ortensia: Now that's my BFF!

Suicide Mouse: True despair has disappeared...

Face:... * Growls*

Ace: Looks down " Something wrong Face?"

Face: Nothing.... * crawls away*

Ace: Okay.

Love Bunny: Welp, looks like my work here is done!

( Outside the island)

PN Minnie: Ah... isn't it nice outside Mickey?

PN Mickey: It sure is....


This episode first introduced some fan characters.

This is the first love episode.

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