Pizza is the sixth episode of Originator Rants.


Hello folks, this is Originator and welcome back to Originator Rants! Today, I will be ranting on pizza. Yes folks, pizza. Now why? Well because pizza is just straight up disgusting. When I was a kid, I tasted it and it taste like crap; the cheese feels like a blob and taste awful, the sauce makes me wanna hurl, the crust feels like cardboard, and the toppings don't make it any better. Now I know what you're all saying " But Originator, Pizza is the best food around, how could you not like pizza?" Okay first off, it's my opinion, and second, it's not the best food around, it's one of the most ugly, disgusting, repulsive thing i've ever put in my mouth. And it also has alot of grease, and it sucks. It keeps draining out of the pizza. And finally, who would want pizza? Only fat guys who have nothing better to do or stuck up teenagers like this crap. So please guys, don't eat pizza ever again. And that's my rant for today. So see you all next time.

Aftermath: Now folks, before you guys post a mean comment, let me explain, this rant is a joke, I don't hate pizza. I love it so much. It's just so tasty and the toppings are just amazing. So hopefully you guys would understand and put a comment on the comment section of what do you think I should rant on next? So anyways, hope you guys enjoy my joke rant and this aftermath, so see you around!

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