Playing with Scissors is the first episode of The Mr. Bear Show.


Mr. Bear and a guy named Max Valine teach kids how to play with scissors. Will it turn out good or pretty bad?


( It starts with Mr. Bear on stage greeting the audiences)

Mr. Bear: Hello my wonderful audience and welcome to the Mr. Bear show and i'm your host Mr. Bear and today we will play with scissors. Now you maybe wondering " how do you play with scissors?" Well me and a person named Max Valine will show you. Show them Max.

Max Valine: Well kids first you take a pair of scissors and then take this little girl for an example, what's your name sweetie?

Abby: My name is Abby and i'm 6 years old.

Max Valine: Wonderful! Let's take Abby for an example, so I take these* Grabs a pair of scissors* and then hold your hand out Abby.

Abby: * Holds one one hand*

Max: And then... I do this * He then stabs her hand with the scissors as she screams and cries* And this * Cuts her hair off and some made some cuts to her clothes* And this * Stabs her in the chest with the scissors as she coughs up blood and dies* Isn't playing with scissors fun? Of course it is!

Mr.Bear: Yes I agree there Max.

Leo: But you killed her, that's not fun, that's murder.

Max: Of course it ain't ya silly old 7 year old boy. That's the fun of playing with scissors. Even Mr. Bear wants to try.

Leo: Uh... I wanna go home.

Other kids: * Shout* DO IT!

Leo: Well... okay.... Mr. Bear, let's play with scissors.

Mr. Bear: Ah wonderful! Now just stay still and * Grabs a pair of scissors and stabs him in the leg with it*

Leo: Ow! See? You would of killed me * cries*

Mr. Bear: Don't worry, the fun will be over soon after I cut your throat * He then opens up the scissors and cuts Leo's Throat with it and he later dies* And the fun has ended... well kids that's our show for today. I will see you all next time on The Mr. Bear Show!


This is one of the episodes that's based on the Creepypasta 1999.

Max is the same guy who played as Mr.Rooster.