Rejected Muppets is a horror game for the PC.


In 2014, you step into the Muppet Warehouse to see how the muppets were created. However, you also stumble upon muppets that you don't even know about, but they are somehow alive and want to get you. You try to escape, but the doors locked. Now you have to survive inside the building and get the key to escape or you will die from the muppets come alive at night to hunt you down.


You play as a man and you move around the Muppet warehouse with your flashlight to look for some items to use. If you see a muppet, use your flashlight. However, the two problems are that 1, The flashlight runs on batteries so you have to find some more and 2. some of them are not affected by it. So you have to try to hide in certain places. You survive each level by collecting some items and going into new places of the warehouse.

Characters and information

Rurry- The first Muppet you see. He appears to resemble Elmo except he has Red nose rather than pink, and his fur is slightly more darker. His eye colors is red. If you see him, then use your flashlight or he will kill you. He first appears on the first night.

(More characters coming soon)


(Levels coming soon)


(Items coming soon)


(Ending coming soon)


This is based on The Muppets and Sesame Street.

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