The Ringoftime Wiki is a wiki founded by Ringoftime. It was originally a test/off-topic wiki for Ringoftime, but the new purpose of the wiki is being discussed. The current bureaucrats are DanzxvFan8275, Rick Sanhez, and SpongeBot678. The current administrators are FlandreAndTakane333 and Jodan111.


Early activity

Ring's block on ESB and New Admin

On March 25, Ring created a blog post listing the various sockpuppet accounts he had used on Encyclopedia SpongeBobia and asked to be unblocked. ESB admin Squiddleward responded by explaining that he would not be unblocked and requested they move on from the wiki. Ring edited their comments to state he would be unblocked, but Squiddle reverted his edit and stated they were only further convinced they should remain blocked. Ring created a rule in order to block them and claimed they were being rude.

On April 1, Rick Sanhez was promoted to bureaucrat after making a request on the Free Rights page. He unblocked Squiddle.


Rick Sanhez blocked the user WheelOfFortune6000 because they had alledgedly stated they would ruin the Ringoftime wiki in a private message on ESB chat. Ring unblocked the user and gave them adminship, which they had requested in order to ruin the wiki. Ring and Rick argued over whether they were to be blocked or not until WheelOfFortune6000 changed the wiki's theme and blocked every user except Thatyi17, who they made a discussions moderator. 

Rick unblocked himself and the other users, and blocked WheelOfFortune and Thatyi17. 

New admins

On May 15, SpongeBot678 was promoted to administrator by Ringoftime, and FlandreAndTakane333 was promoted by Rick Sanhez a day later. Eventually on May 25, DanzxvFan8275 was promoted to admin by Ring.

Demotion of Ringoftime

On May 25, Ring created a demotion request on Rick Sanhez. This request gained no support, opposed by Rick and Phillydan.

On the same day, Ring also created another demotion request on SpongeBot678. The request gained no support as well.

On May 26, Rick Sanhez created a demotion request on Ringoftime, which passed with unanimous support. Ring demoted himself, calling the users who had supported his demotion request (ironically all of whom he had trusted with helping him run the wiki) "stupid people."

SNC Socking

New Wiki

During his block, Ring created The New Ringoftime wiki, a wiki which has free rights, but does not have bcrats, as Ring was demoted due to behavior violating FANDOM's Terms of Use, and Phillydan wasn't promoted to bcrat, even though he had a request with majority support.

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