Ripper is one of the members of the Sunatrons.


He appears to be a 26 year old man who wears a blue cloak similar to what assassins where. He also wears a skull mask to hide his face. He also has both arms, equipped with retractable, blue laser blades.


When he was a young boy, Ripper lived in a dark city with his mom and dad. One day while they were walking down the streets, A group of assassins wearing red cloaks attacked the family. They have killed his mom and dad, but was later saved by assassins wearing blue cloaks. They decided to take Ripper back to there place and raise him. They trained him to be an assassin and he has become an official assassin when he was 17. Years later, he was on a mission to assassinate the red cloaks leader. Which he successfully did and after that, he decided to go somewhere else. He then later found the Sunatron members and he asked if they could be his friend, they then said yes and he became a Sunatron member.


He is a kind guy, but he still has a grudge on the red cloths.


His real name is not revealed yet.

He gets the name from the arm blade that he uses.

His main rival is Blood Shedder.