Rumor has it that...

Rumors list

  • There are ghost driving cars.
  • A kid's mind is more stable than you realize.
  • Ice cream is actually a snack.
  • Strange events happen inside regular television programming.
  • There was a video gaming console similar to the Xbox One and the PS4 that was never released.
  • Nick Jr used to be a show not attended for kids.
  • Leprechauns are really easy to find.
  • Glitches happen in TV.
  • There are no more species discovered in the seas.
  • Anime is actually a cartoon.
  • Video games are life.
  • Plants are considered objects.
  • Clones exist.
  • Bigfoot is real.
  • SiIvaGunner will release his final high quality rip on April 1, 2066, 100 years after the first episode of The Flinstones aired.
  • Valentines Day is every day.
  • There are Winter Schools.
  • Babies are mature.
    • The Boss Baby is evidence of this.
  • 2017 is 2016 all over again
  • Age 18 is still considered being a teen.
  • All strangers can be trusted.
  • The longer the name, the longer you live
  • Air Conditioners causes Blizzards inside your house.
  • Shotguns have much longer range than what you think.
  • Jiffy peanut better does actually exist at one point.
  • Gameboy games are compatible with Nintendo 3ds games.
  • The Solar Eclipse is actually a sign of the world coming to an end.
  • Dropped feathers gives you good luck
  • Catchphrases can be pretty scary
  • School is not until November.
  • "E" is a scrapped letter grade.
  • Humans will evolve into super Humans.
  • Wiki servers will go down in the future.
  • Youtube staff members are mothers.
  • Trees can be cut down by scissors.
  • Steel can be considered Splinter's too.
  • School is your fake life.
  • Sniper bullets can travel across the world.
  • There was a forth political party.
  • The world is flat
  • The SONEE legend is real
  • Humans have throats like snakes
  • Sonic is a rip off of Mario
  • Game Over Screens crashes your game occasionly
  • Gifs can be still images
  • Memes have dark past
  • There will be another hurricane in California
  • Teens are less mature than kids.
  • Square Roots were originally for English for poetry.
  • There are worse songs than JB's "Baby"
  • TBA

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