Ryan's Pet is the third episode of Sunatrons: The Series.


Ryan The Robot wants a pet so he won't be so lonely, so he brings home a little, pink furball creature. However, when Ryan goes asleep, everybody has to watch her. Will it be a success


(It starts with Ryan talking to Ripper at the table)

Ryan: Hey Ripper, do you think getting a pet would be a good idea?

Ripper: Indeed, as long as it doesn't kill or be mean or anything like that.

Ryan: Okay. What should I get?

Kevin: *Walks in* A dog.

Angelica: Probably a bird so I can fly with it.

Techguy: How about a uh.... a Gorilla...

(Everybody looks at Techguy)

Techguy: What? it's has brutal strength.

Ryan: Alright guys, i'll make my own choice of what pet I want to get okay?

Ripper: Excellent idea Ryan, good luck with the mission of finding a pet. If it tries to kill you, call me, and I will use my blade on it.

Ryan: Okay then... see you guys later * He then walks out*

(Ryan walks all over town, he goes to the pet store)

Store Clerk: Uh.... a robot?

Ryan: Yes, i'm Ryan and I want to see what kind of pets I should have.

Store Clerk: Okay... well anyways, we got dogs, cats, you know, everything.

Ryan: Hmmm * Looks around* Anything interesting?

Store Clerk: Well... there is this creature we found. It appears to be a little, pink furball. It sings alot and talks alot..

Ryan: Oooooo. i'll take it * Gives him 200 dollars*

Store Clerk: Wow.... i'm actually surprised robots even have money...

Ryan: I'm a unique kind * Laughs and picks up the creature* I'll name her.... Milly

Store Clerk: Yeah... we checked... it's a female so you're right. So anyways, thank you for shopping at our store.

(Ryan walks out)

Store Clerk: Man..... first an alive pink furball, now a robot? Oh man... I really need to stop drinking...

( At the Sunatron HQ)

Ryan: Guys! I'm home!

Carlos: Good, did you bring home a pet?

Kevin: Is it a dog?

Angelica: A bird?

Ryan: Nah... it's a special kind of pet.

Sniper: * Puts down sniper* What is it bot?

Ryan: I give you.... MILLY!!!!! * Shows them the creature*

Carlos: Ooooo... amazing...

Angelica: Aw.... she's so cute....

Techguy: Wow... I never seen a creature like this.... hold on... i'll be right back... gotta search this thing up * Walks out of living room*

Ripper: That thing looks pretty harmless.... but let's see it's behavior.

Gail: Yeah... maybe I can take Milly up in the air with my gravity powers.

Ryan: No thanks Gail, anyways... I gotta sleep. My systems feel like it's gonna power down. So * yawns* see ya'll later.

Kevin: Good night Ryan.

Carlos: Have a nice rest.

Kevin: Sooo.... now what?

Angelica: * Picks Milly up* I saw we have some fun with Milly.

Milly: *Emits a high, pitch screech*

Kevin: ARGH!!!!

Ripper: MY EARS!!!!!

Sniper: Good lord.... that thing almost blew up my eardrums.

Nick: Hey! What's going on? What's with the *Sees Milly and pulls out shotgun* Alright creature, let's see what you got against my shotgun!

Ripper: Nick don't! She's Ryan's pet!

Carlos: Yes, leave her alone. Don't kill her!

Drake: * Walks in and sees Milly* Disgusting! What the heck is that pink thing?

Carlos: Drake... this is Milly, Ryan's pet.

Drake: That thing is adorable, makes me sick!

Angelica: Aw come on Drake, that thing is so cute.

Drake: That's because you're part angel and i'm part demon.

Techguy: * Walks back* Alright guys I found it.

Carlos: What is it Techguy?

Techguy: Well according to the creature wiki, this thing is from a world full of these creatures known as " Furrians"

Ripper: Furrians? Sounds like a furry as a warrior.

Komodrox: * Grabs Milly* It's meal time!

Carlos: Komodrox no! * Slaps it out of his hand*

Komodrox: * Pulls out both axe* What is the meaning of this? I was gonna eat that!

Kevin: That's Ryan's pet!

Komodrox: oh.... * Puts down axes* My bad... * walks away*

Milly: He tried to eat me... what a meanie..

Sniper: Wait... did she just speak?

Techguy: Seems like it Sniper.

Drake: So.... that thing can TALK!?!

Carlos: Looks like it.

Milly: And also... * She puffs into a giant fluffball* FLUFFYNESS!!!

Ripper: What the?

Angelica: Oh my gosh... so cute and fluffy! * Faints*

Techguy: Angelica! And also.... furrians can do that...

Drake: * Pukes* Oh my gosh... that's foul.... * Calls Pyromar*

Pyromar: What is it? You need something to burn?

Drake: Yes! Burn this thing * Points at Milly*

Pyromar: On it!

Carlos: Omar don't! That's Ryan's pet!

Pyromar: Oh.... sorry.

Milly: It's okay. So.... are you guys like a league?

Techguy: Yes, we are the sunatrons. We fight for justice, go on adventures, and visit other places from other worlds...

Milly: Woah......

Ryan: * Walks back in* Alright guys, i'm back. How's Milly?

Milly: I'm fine...

Ryan: She can speak!?!

Milly: And I can do this * Sings in a beautiful voice*

Zoe: * Walks in and smashes Milly with a book*

Ryan: MILLY NO!!!!!!!

Techguy: God dang it Zoe! Why did you kill her?

Zoe: Because i'm the best singer.


Zoe: Oh... i'm sorry Ryan..... I just get jealous at times...

Ryan: No no Zoe, it's cool....

Carlos: Hey Ryan.... at least you got us...

Ryan: You're right... I mean... it would be hard to take care of one anyways...

Zoe: So... you don't hate me?

Ryan: No Zoe, I don't * Hugs Zoe*

Zoe: * Hugs back*

Drake: Good job Zoe, you have gotten rid of that pest.

Techguy: Oh I forgot something!

Kevin: What is it Tech?

Techguy: It says if furrians get too fluffy, then they explode, which would also explode the HQ.

Ripper: Welp... looks like we saved ourselves.....

Ryan: Yup. we sure did. * Laughs*


This episode introduces multiple characters.

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