SailorMoonRed1 is the third episode of Originator Rants.


Hello folks this is Originator and welcome back to Originator Rants, today I will be talking about a user that alot of people known and hate (Not talking about Chris Chan, he will be in my rants in the future). Now before I begin, I will say that there are alot of bad Youtubers out there, but this guy makes all these bad Youtubers godly, and he is SailorMoonRed1. Now i'm pretty sure you all know who he is and I know he's old news, but i'm still doing this rant so shut up and read. But for those of you who don't know who he is, let me explain it do you. SailorMoonRed1 is a Youtuber who is considered the biggest manchild ever, he loves to play with sailormoon dolls, and make really bad videos. And yes folks, he's an adult.

He's in his late 20's around the time he made these videos, his actual youtube channel got deleted so the only way you can see his videos is through commentaries. And speaking of commentaries, he made alot of videos whining and moaning about commentators hating on him and giving him constructive criticism. Now why did he made those videos, well in his oldest videos, he made videos featuring him playing with Sailormoon dolls and other action figures like WWE,Godzilla,etc. And making really crappy fights with it. No special effects, now stop motion, he just plays with them on camera. He also never edits out any videos.

Which is why his videos are god awful. Now, because of him getting alot of hate, he then decides to make rant videos on commentators. And again, I mean ALOT of them. This guy never learns, he doesn't take constructive criticism and just whines like a little 5 year old, no i'm sorry, even 5 year olds are more mature than him. And the best part, he doesn't show his face on camera during his "rants on commentators", he just uses the sailormoon dolls to talk for him. And he does this in third person, for an example "Sailormoon says, "STOP HATING ON MY VIDEOS". Yeah.... this guy is just mental..... now before I go, his real name is Duane and I believe he stopped making videos and got a job, and speaking of jobs, he made a video on why he doesn't like to work, so that means, he's probably homeless because of that unless he has social security checks or disability checks!

But anyways, that's all today. I hope you guys have an experience with one of the worst Youtubers tied with Chris Chan. Tell me what bad Youtuber I should rant on next. But hope you all enjoyed this rant and don't forget to comment. So see ya and watch out for any bad youtubers!