Smart DX Controller

The Smart DX controller.

The Smart DX is a home video game console. The main purpose of the smart DX is to be able to play smartphone games on your TV. Along with a regular controller, the console also comes with a tablet that connects to your smart DX so you can play games that require a touchscreen. A few days after the release of the console, SpongeBotted confirmed that they would not release many games for the system as the main point of the system is for third-party developers to port over their smartphone games to the smart DX so people can play them on their TVs and since SpongeBotted hadn't released many smartphone games prior to the console's release, they didn't have many games to port. SpongeBotted stopped making games for the system only a year after release.


Smart DX Tablet

The Smart DX tablet.

The smart DX recieved mixed reviews, but many critics reported lots of problems with the tablet. Some people reported frame rate issues but many reported that the tablet had horrible battery life, barely lasting an hour. An anonymous user later reported that they opened the tablet to investigate and found out that the battery likely costed less than $10 to make. SpongeBotted eventually released a new battery and said that people reporting the issue could either open the console themselves and switch the battery or send the console into SpongeBotted for free to switch the battery.