Sponginess is the first episode of MK X Dialogue Simulator.


SpongeBob: I'm Ready

Death: To die?

SpongeBob: * Laughs* No silly.

Elmo: * Sings Elmo's World*

Plankton: ARGH!!!! You're even more annoying than that squarehead

Elmo: Elmo loves squares!

Goro: A starfish?

Patrick: No, i'm a Sponge!

Goro: I will rip your head off and take out your brain, and give you a new one.

Uncle Grandpa: I'm your Uncle Grandpa

Donald Trump: Wrong!

Uncle Grandpa: I'm never wrong.

Scorpion: So how spongy are you?

SpongeBob: I'm all sponginess.

Scorpion: I will use you as my sponge in hell!

AVGN: The f*ck are you?

Techguy: I am Techguy!

AVGN: Well uh... can you fix my uh... Commodore 64?

Johnny Cage: Can you feel it now Mr.Krabs?

Mr.Krabs: Feel what?

Johnny Cage: * Punches Mr. Krabs in the nuts* THIS!!!

Dracula: You're not a real vampire

Edward Cullen: I can sparkle when the sun's out

Dracula: Told you!

Johnny Cage: You can't see me!


Johnny Cage: Don't worry, I got plenty more punchlines!

Photo Negative Mickey: Hey, wanna see my head come off?

Erron Black: Okay, can I use it for target practice?


A few references were made.

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