Sub for Sub is the first episode of Originator Rants.


Hello folks this is Originator and welcome to my first rant. In today's rant, I will be talking about a topic that's been going around in the Youtube community, that one topic that alot of people do on here to make them popular in a very stupid way which is known as, the Sub for Sub deal. Now for those who don't know what a Sub for Sub is, let me show you a Sub for Sub in a nutshell. " Hey guys, it's me a youtuber with a bad channel with some of the worst videos, I need help getting alot of subs because I can't make a good video at all, so here's the deal, if you sub to me, I will sub to you and we will both become more famous, so please guys help me become as famous as PewDiePie".

Yes people that's right, people do this just to get subs, look buddy, i'm not gonna subscribe to your channel if you have bad videos, learn to improve on them so you can get a ton of subscribers okay? You don't need to do this just to get subs, it doesn't make you famous or cool, it makes you a brat an a attention whore. So please guys, stop doing the "sub for sub" bullcrap because it's really annoying and it makes you an attention whore. If you want alot of subscribers, then make BETTER videos!

But anyways, that's my rant on Sub for Sub, don't forget to comment on what you think about this rant and tell me what I should rant on next. So bye folks and have a nice day and don't do the sub for sub thing.