The Broadcast is a fan made character.


He doesn't have much of an appearance as he can change forms. His original form is basically a Black mist with Red eyes.


The Broadcast was made in a secret Television Organization by the leader. He was programmed to be hacked into broadcasting stations to show people what hell is like on TV.


He has not much of a personality, as he has a slightly evil personality. But he has a good personality depending on what character he chooses to be.


He can change into any TV show character, but they will still be all black and have red eyes. He can also disguise his voice to theirs. He can also hack into broadcasting stations to show different programs or turn TV shows into horror. He can also get out of TV's.



The Broadcast as Mickey Mouse


The Broadcast was originally made to only be a Creepypasta Character, but was decided to have a much more purpose

He's called The Broadcast because he was made in the secret Television Organization, who was originally gonna be named " The Broadcast" by the leader.

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