The Rise of Disney X is the fifth episode of Treasure Island Adventures.


Jake Smith is told to go outside and find a sacred journal. Once he opens it up, he releases Disney X, will he try to solve the problem?


( It first starts with Jake getting a phone call from Greg and Lisa)

Greg: Hello Jake? it's me Greg.

Lisa: And this is Lisa.

Jake: Oh hello Greg and Lisa, what can I do?

Greg: Well we have heard rumors of a mysterious journal hidden under the island buried somewhere.

Lisa: Yeah and I have heard that it's from um... from another dimension or something.

Jake: So... it's from another universe?

Lisa: Yeah something like that. So we need you to go outside and find that journal to see what it is.

Greg: And don't worry, we will make sure these creatures don't come and kill you.

Jake: Got it! Bye. * Hangs up and gets up* Welp... looks like it's time to go outside..

( Jake then goes outside and walks around and finds a shovel)

Jake: Alright... this will do.

( He then finds a dig spot)

Jake: Ah! This should be it. * He then digs up the pile with his shovel and sees the journal* Wait... I think I have found it! And... it's in another language... what is it * He then opens the journal* this language isn't anything I have seen... it's all cryptic....

( When Jake threw the journal on the ground, it starts floating and a shadowy arua surrounds it)

Jake: * Looks back* What the?

( The Journal then releases some shadowy humanoid named " Disney X " And the journal closes)

Jake: GAH!!!!! W....who are you?

Disney X: * Floats in the air* Thank you.... for releasing me human. I am Disney X, the creator of Disney from another dimension.... I made kids suffer and cry... I am the opposite of your world's Disney... many souls have been tortured by my mascot "True Mickey"


Disney X: Yes... you have defeated him... I was disgraced by that... now I will finish things off for him * Laughs evily and flies off*

Jake: Oh no... * Walks back inside, whistling*

Jake: * Picks up the phone and calls Greg and Lisa, who were both in the office, thinking of some things*

Greg: Hello?

Jake: Guys... you will never believe what happened...

Lisa: What is it Jake?

Jake: Some humanoid figure named " Disney X" appeared, he told me everything about him. He created Disney from another dimension.

Greg: Uh.... okay?

Lisa: Yeah sorry Jake, we don't know what you're talking about. So see ya! * Hangs up*

Jake: NO NO NO WAI.... *sighs* I'm doomed.... * Puts head down on desk*


This is probably Jake's biggest mistake.

This is the first time Disney X appears.