This is going to be very difficult to write.

This little event happened somewhere in June 2014. I was a fourteen-year-old at the time.

My family took a trip to California. It was a very good one from what I remember.

Anyway, we were at the beach, admiring the Pacific Ocean. Then my family decided to go swimming. I didn't want to get my clothes wet, so I decided to walk back to the car, get my swim clothes, and change into them inside a restroom.

On my way to the car, there were lots of people. But there was this one guy who kept staring at me. I walked faster, but he kept following me.

When I got to the car, this guy came up to me. He said he had something to give me, but it was inside his van. I refused to follow him.

Then, after I got out of the car, this guy wrapped his arms around me, and dragged me down the sidewalk. I kicked and screamed, but nobody was there to hear me.

Soon, we got to the van. The guy said he would kill me if I tried to escape. He even held a knife to my chest.

I just grabbed the knife, and stabbed him several times with it. I got out of there before anybody noticed.

"RadioGuy, what took you so long, and why are you covered in blood?" my mother asked, after I returned to her.

"I just fell," I replied, not wanting to admit that I killed a kidnapper.

On the way home, we passed by the bloody body of the kidnapper. And then I saw the camera, and realized that it was just a prank. I just sat there and laughed, while my whole family stared at me.

Good times! :)

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