Training is the first episode of Sunatrons: The Series.


Kevin tries to train to battle, and to save people from danger. Will it turn out great or bad?


( It first starts in the morning at the Sunatron HQ, Kevin goes up to Techguy, who's asleep, screams at him to "WAKE UP", making him jump off his bed)

Techguy: Kevin! Don't do that again! I was trying to sleep!

Kevin: Sorry Tech, but you said to wake you up at 7:00 for training.

Techguy: Oh yeah...... I said that... well just let me get breakfast, then we will be going okay?

( Drake then comes in)

Drake: Hey Tech, you're letting exo shrimp train? He can't even save a cat stuck in a tree!

Kevin: Yes I can Drake! And don't call me an exo shrimp! I'll prove that I am a powerful member just like you!

Drake: Ha! Yeah right. You're 10 and i'm 16.

Techguy: Alright you two, stop fighting! Drake, you leave him alone, Kevin, let's go.

Ryan The Robot: * Walks in* Hey, good luck with the training Kevin.

Kevin: Thank you Ryan.

Drake: * Looks at Ryan*

Ryan: * Looks at Drake* What?

Drake: Nothing...

( Tech and Kevin then end up outside with some obstacles)

Techguy: Alright Kevin, first we're gonna jump really high. Like this * He then jumps high over the wall* Got it?

Kevin: Yes Tech, and also, my exo skeleton can make me jump higher than normal people.

Techguy: Alright, let's see what you got kid.

( Kevin then jumps over the wall, Drake walks in and spits out his coffee)

Drake: He actually did it...

Kevin: * Walks back* Who says I was an exo shrimp?

Drake: * Growls* I can show you that I can jump higher.

Techguy: Drake, you can't jump very high. You don't have a exo skeleton or powerful robotic legs like me.

Drake: Who needs mechanics when you get go organic. * He tries to jump high, but fails and smacks into the wall, Kevin starts laughing)

Techguy: * Facepalms* Oh boy.... Drake just go....

Drake: Fine... * He then leaves*

(Tech and Kevin then goes to the next obstacle course)

Techguy: Now Kevin, we're gonna use speed. * Gives him a stopwatch* You can time how fast I can run.

Kevin: Okay.

( Tech then runs quickly, and 5 seconds)

Kevin: Wow Techguy, you're really fast. But how?

Techguy: Robotics and a little speed modder.

Kevin: Wow.... my turn!

Techguy: Alright then go for it kid!

( Kevin then runs, he ran for 10 seconds)

Techguy: Not bad....

Drake: My turn! I can run faster than him! * He then goes demon mode* Watch this!

( Drake then runs for 1 minute)

Techguy: Really?

Kevin: * Laughs* You're slow.

Drake: * Growls and tries to breath fire at Kevin, but misses*

Kevin: Miss me! * Sticks out tongue*

Techguy: Now now you two, let's not get all hostile.

( Drake then charges at Kevin, trying to claw him, but was exo punched against a wall, and it breaks)

Techguy: Impressive. And that's the end of out training.

Kevin: I love having an exo skeleton attached to me.

Techguy: Indeed. You can do anything with it. Also * Uses his left computer pad arm to use a healing program, he then holds his left hand at Drake, healing him* You alright?

Drake: No i'm not alright! The little twerp just punched me to the wall! .... Okay look i'm sorry for everything I said, please don't do it again.

Kevin: I forgive you.

Techguy: Congrats Drake, your friendship training is completed.

Drake: Dang it Techguy! I'll get you for this!

Techguy: * Laughs* I'm just kidding. Let's go inside and enjoy ourselves!

Kevin: Yeah!


This reveals some of the character's personalities and power.

Kevin might be more powerful than Drake.

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