Tyce's Place is the pilot episode of Encyclopedia Tyceia.


  • Rick Sanhez
  • Phillydan25
  • The Terrible Travis


Tyce starts his own wiki, but Phillydan25 and The Terrible Travis stop by - to troll.


The episode starts when Tyce gets a message on his wall on the No Rules Wiki from Phillydan25 tand message from The Terrible Travis on the SpongeBob Fanon Wiki. Both say "shut up tyce. you fuckin' douche." Tyce gets mad and just says "stop harassing me jfc." He then sees that he has been demoted from rollback on SBFW. They give no reason and just tell Tyce to shut up. Tyce also sees that he was blocked on the Philydan25 Wiki for being a douche. He can't take it anymore and decides to leave SBFW, the Phillydan25 Wiki, and the No Rules Wiki temporarily in secret.


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