Vulkin is a fan made special kind of species of Alphas from Bioshock.


Vulkin appears similar to alphas and delta. He has robotic arms that can turn into a drill,minigun,rocket launcher,etc. He's slightly more intelligent and faster than the other alphas and he is known to have a special kind of speaker that allows him to speak like a normal human being.


Back at the lab in Rupture, Vulkin was a secret project after Delta was made. He was created to be the most advanced alpha and better compared to other big daddies. He was then later scrapped afterwards. He then was later finished by a little sister from ADAM and he came alive. He was considered to be the "best big daddy" as due to his intelligence, he takes care of the little sisters like an actual father. When battling, he would use his weapons to fend off the splicers and other threats that tries to hurt the little sisters. One day, he was attacked by a big sister and was later defeated. He was revived in the vita chamber, but lost the respect of the little sisters. He then decides to see what life is like outside of Rupture. He found a teleporting EYE and he was sent to the shore where he goes into the real world. He was called "Vulkin" for unknown reasons.


He is the only big daddy known to speak normally.

He is the most intelligent out of other big daddies.

He might become a member of the Sunatrons in the future.

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