Where Bad Kids Go is the fourth episode of The Mr. Bear Show.


Mr. Bear shows the kids where bad kids go, they get taken to another place with a strange figure. What will happen to the bad kids?


( It starts with Mr. Bear walking on stage)

Mr. Bear: Hello kids and welcome to the Mr. Bear Show! Where we have lots of fun and go on exciting adventures! And today, we will be discussing about kids. We all know that there are some good kids, and some bad kids right? Well the good kids gets to go to places like candy land and a huge playground. Sounds fun right? I know! And of course for the bad kids, well I got the place for them. So let's check on the camera in that building where bad kids go. And there is someone there waiting for them so let's see.

( The camera then switches to the building with a group of bad kids)

Ivan: A locked rusty door?

Jayden: Yo man, this is some bull right here. You expect us to go in there?

Jade: I'm the good one, now shut up you two!

Jayden: * slaps Jade's mouth* You shut up!

Jade: No you! * Slaps his face*

( The two then started fighting, until the door opened and an ominous voice says " come in" and then the kids go in)

Greg: So.... this is the place for bad kids? That's stupid!

Ivan: Ikr?

Jayden: Yo this place is whack! There's blood, crap, and bones everywhere like some dumb Halloween prank or something

Jade: Yeah I know, it smells in here and there's a cage microphone above. Let me scream into it because ladies first!

( Jade then screams into the mic, until a door opens and a tall, black figure known as " The Kid Punisher" comes out)

The Kid Punisher: Hello bad children.

Ivan: * Looks up* Who are you?

The Kid Punisher: I am the Kid Punisher! I have punished many bad kids in my domain! The good kids gets candy and stays out of this place, but you four trouble makers are not good kids and you shall stay in here forever!

Jayden: Yeah right, I know you're some old man in a stupid costume. The Kid Punisher? More like The Retard Punisher!

Greg: Ooooo good one! * High fives Jayden*

( The Kid Punisher then grabs a Mallet and starts beating Jayden with it until he dies as the kids start screaming)

The Kid Punisher: Now you see why you shouldn't be bad? Because things like this happen!

Jade: I wanna go home....

The Kid Punisher: Well too bad! You should of behaved yourself. Now, you three are my slaves now!

Ivan: NOOO!!!! Let's get out of here!

( The kids then try to escape, but the door is locked, they scream and cry as the Kid Punisher starts laughing, he then turns to the camera)

The Kid Punisher: Bad kids have their hands under the covers when they sleep, bad kids stay up late, bad kids have their hands under the covers while they sleep, that's where bad kids go.

( It then cuts back to Mr. Bear)

Mr. Bear: So you see kids, you should learn to behave yourself or else, he will find you and take you to his place where bad kids go, but anyways that's our show for today and we will see you next time on the Mr. Bear Show!


This is The Kid Punisher's first appearance.

This is based on the Creepypasta Where Bad Kids go by the same name.